• Catherine Coombes

How Relationship Coaching Can Change Your Life

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Relationship Coaching starts with your relationship with yourself. Here are 3 tips for establishing a healthy relationship within yourself.

You must first feel valued for the world to value you.

Three key steps to ensure you operate daily from your best self.

1. On waking each morning ask yourself what is the best thing I appreciate about myself.

Feel the answer in your heart with all your senses.

2. Make a committment to express appreciation towards one person today.

Notice the energy that occurs between yourself and the person as you experience the result of consciously expressing appreciation.

3. Before going to sleep ask yourself what did I appreciate most about today.

Experience the answer with all your senses and feel the answer in your heart.

On waking journal your nights sleep and rate the quality of your sleep from 1 to 10. 10 Being a great sleep and 1 being a poor sleep.

Enjoy the process .

Please comment and share your experience.

I do hope you enjoyed my tips and that they have contributed to a new found awareness of how great you are.

Much love and speak again soon Catherine


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