• Catherine Coombes

Turning Hurt into Happiness

Life presents us with situations that can provide us with deep hurt and isolation but it is important to reframe these situations so that you can be free from anger and resentment and replace it with joy, happiness and love.

One of my clients was feeling he was being targeted at work by his colleagues, who he thought were making destructive comments about his work performance. This interpretation caused deep hurt, loss of energy and depression. Once he was given the opportunity to reframe from a different perspective; he believed that maybe they really cared about his success and job performance and were really only making these comments out of their regard for his success. After this reframing, he then noticed an increase in enthusiasm, appreciation and self-worth.

A friend came to me upset about her family accusing her of having Alzheimer's. This deeply hurt her and she withdrew from speaking, out of fear that they might make another nasty comment. However, after reflecting on how she could look at it from a different perspective and maintain her commitment of living out of a loving vibration, it came to me that she could look at it as though they cared so deeply about her and were worried about her out of deep love not nastiness. Then out of that she was motivated to research about Alzheimer's and discovered the dietary changes that rewire the brain and increase cognitive ability in the ageing brain. She has reported an increase in cognitive awareness and overall brain function. This framing has turned a negative incident into a blessing.

If you have any life experiences that you believe need reframing or help to reframe from a more positive light, feel free to make a comment below.

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